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Take a packed lunch and spend the whole day away from the hustle and bustle of the real world - and enjoy the delights of a UK coastal holiday!

At YHA Boggle Hole we strive to cater for everybody.

The road leading to the hostel is steep and there is no vehicle access.

Keep your customers coming back with our continually updated product line of fashion and game items that are just what the Japanophile wants.It entered the building where the present window and extractor are, powering the wheel which filled this room and the cellar below. The main drive shaft extended into what is now the dining room and drove four pairs of stones set into the floor of what is now the toilet and showers on the reception level.Near the top of the dam, in the bank side there is still a dry shaft.We are proud of our “Investors in Volunteering” accreditation and have a wide range of opportunities available across the country, all of which will provide great learning or social experiences and help us to create even more opportunities for young people. Forget the painting and gardening (although you’re more than welcome to do some), we want Pirate Captains to lead crews of young Pirates, Dinosaur Hunters and Seashore Safarists (made up word).Volunteering is a great way to meet people, visit new places, gain experiences and have fun.

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